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Church World Service on the ground in Florida

INDIANAPOLIS (WOC, 9/9/04) — Even as Hurricane Frances continues its deadly trek up the eastern U.S., Hurricane Ivane is causing storm-weary residents in the Southeast to be on alert for yet another potentially damaging hurricane.

The death toll from Frances has grown to 14, and millions of residents in Florida and Georgia remain without power.

Damages from Frances, Charley, Gaston, and Bonnie are well over $15 billion.

Needs remain enormous, especially in Florida, where several communities were hit by both Charley and Frances.

Now Hurricane Ivan is churning through the Caribbean and could be headed for the southeastern U.S. Church World Service (CWS) has deployed six disaster response staff to Florida, in what has become an unprecedented CWS response to a natural disaster on the U.S. mainland.

In addition to assisting local interfaith recovery efforts, CWS is also focusing on the most vulnerable populations, including the elderly, children, farm workers, small agricultural businesses, and low-income families.

Later this week, CWS is sending its Interfaith Trauma Response Team to assist pastoral care and trauma counseling efforts.

Week of Compassion (WOC) continues to provide support toward the CWS hurricane appeal, which has now grown to $200,000 and will no doubt grow even larger in the aftermath of Frances.

WOC also continues to work with the Disciples regional office in Florida to support Disciples congregations and members affected by the hurricanes.

Details can be found on the WOC website: www.weekofcompassion.org