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Indianapolis Disciples, Muslims see familiar faces at Sept. 11 event

INDIANAPOLIS (9/13/04) — "It's really good to see people return again. That's really nice," said Carolyn Saahir, wife of Michael Saahir, one of the project organizers of 9/11 Respond to the Call in Indianapolis on Sept. 11.

Christians and Muslims reconnected with each other, having built friendships during the previous two events.

Of the 80 people who participated in Respond to the Call in Indianapolis, several were on hand for all three Respond to the Call events.

Jane Lawrence, Disciples Home Missions vice president, described it as a homecoming. And now, they have some new Buddhist friends.

This year, Respond to the Call became an interfaith event to bring people of diverse faith traditions to work together, know each other, and ultimately recognize that they have more in common than they might realize.

The event initially brought together Christians and Muslims to make Sept. 11 a day of prayer and community service. Joining Buddhists, Christians, and Muslims were volunteer service organizations and college student groups.

The common denominator was hard work — painting houses, picking up litter, pulling weeds, trimming trees, and mending fences.

Nearly a quarter of the participants were children; the youngest was nine. Some traveled more than two hours, getting up at 4:30 a.m. to arrive on time.

Two adults and five youth were among the early risers who traveled from Bedford, Ind.

When asked why they came so far to participate, Leila Daily, a Disciple from First Christian Church, Bedford, said her community is not very diverse, and she wanted to be around people from different faith traditions.

"The concept is good to commemorate 9/11, plus it provides a cross-cultural experience for the kids," said Daily.

Besides Daily and her crew, Disciples were well-represented by members, staff and families from Allisonville Christian Church, Indianapolis; Mount Pleasant (Ind.) Christian Church; and general church units Disciples Home Missions and Church Extension.

The day opened with an interfaith prayer service. Twenty-five people shared prayers and poems from various faith traditions. Additionally, an updated statement, Neighbors in the City-Peace for All, was issued by Sayyid Muhammad Syeed, secretary general, Islamic Society of North America, and William Chris Hobgood, general minister and president, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the United States and Canada, and read at a service taking place on the premises of Masjid Al-Fajr.

Indianapolis' ground zero this year was an economically depressed near-north side neighborhood. At the center of the project was Community Baptist Church, a little congregation that has been recognized over the years by the city for its efforts to turn the neighborhood around.

The work projects were selected in partnership with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful (KIB), a non-profit organization that works in partnership with area groups to engage citizens in beautifying the city.

KIB has been central to the Respond to the Call movement in Indianapolis, working with Nur-Allah Islamic Center and Disciples Home Missions since Respond to the Call began.

When asked what she thought about all of these people volunteering to work on her house, Vera Johnson smiled sheepishly, looked at the ground, and said, "I don't know."

The day closed with a presentation to firefighters, recognizing and thanking them for their work.

This article was written by Angela Herrmann, director of website development for Disciples Home Missions of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).